Inventor FEA & Dynamic Simulation

The Inventor FEA and dynamic simulation course will teach you how to navigate the user interface and workflows to optimise your design for both parts and assemblies.
Course Duration
2 Days
+-7 hrs per day
Start Date
18 Aug 2022
+-08.30 am
Course Location
See centres
Course Price
R 4000
Including VAT

Course Overview


Study the fundamental principles and recommended workflows for analyzing designs, creating FEA simulations and creating dynamic simulations of mechanisms. Learn how to analyze parts and assemblies, perform parametric design studies, and use modal analysis. Learn how to validate digital prototypes by simulating the operation of mechanisms and motorized assemblies.

Course Objectives

After completing this course participants should be able to understand and/or create:

  • Optimize the strength and weight of your designs to minimize material usage
  • Set up tests you can feel confident about, based on real-world constraints
  • Check designs for high stress concentrations and modify part geometry to meet safety factors
  • Modal analysis
  • Dynamic simulation analysis

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for Experienced Inventor users who would like to analyse and further optimise their designs with Inventor FEA and dynamic simulation.


  • Computer literate with working knowledge of Microsoft Windows
  • Experience with Inventor sketch, part and assembly modelling
  • Knowledge of Finite element analysis to interpret results, and in general, know how a model should be setup for an analysis.

Operating System
Microsoft Windows 10 64-bit

2.5 GHz Intel® i-Series, Xeon®, or AMD® equivalent


Display Card
DirectX 11 compliant 1 GB GPU with 29 GB/s Bandwidth

What's Included

Software Trial
Certified Instructor
*Items may differ between courses, contact an agent for details


Upon completion of the course, you will be presented with an internationally recognized Autodesk Authorized Training Certificate.

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